This method will change the information about the passenger



With this method you can not update information from other airlines.

Request parameters

flightidNumber*The flight id
paxtokenUnique identifer*PAX token to be used in DCS related queries
firstnameStringPassenger new first name
lastnameStringPassenger new last name
ageNumberPassenger new age
seatStringPassenger new seat
ffnumberNumberPassenger new frequent flyer number
phonenumberStringPassenger new phone number
emailE-mailPassenger new E-mail
nationalityStringPassenger new nationality
doctypeStringType of document (PP/ID)
docnumberStringPassenger new passport number
passportissuerStringPassenger new passport issuing country (ISO code)
passportexpiryDatePassenger new passport expiry date
dateofbirthDatePassenger new date of birth
statusStringPassenger new check-in status
sequencenumberStringCheck in Sequence number
paxgenderStringPassenger gender (M/F/C)
remarkStringPassenger remark
ssrsElementThe element will hold PNR SSR's in several 'ssr' variables
ssrStringSSR code
baggagesElementThe element holds within it all the baggages to update
baggageElementThe element holds the baggage details to update
baggagetagStringThe baggage tag
weightNumberThe weight
cowBooleanCarry-on weight (true/false)

  • Mandatory parameters



The request should contain all passenger data. In case some field is skipped - this field data will be erased.


The method will respond with "success" true if classes successfully leveled down.