This method will give you a list of passengers according to a flight id and pax token

Request parameters

requestdetailsContainer*The container will separate parameters for each passenger
flightidNumber*The flight id
paxtokenUnique identifer*PAX token to be used in DCS related queries
showinfantsBooleanWether or not to show the infant data

  • Mandatory parameters

Response parameters

The method will response with all the information about the passenger in the requested flight.

paxdetailsElementAll the information regarding the passenger (paxdetails for each passenger)
paxtokenUnique identiferPAX token to be used in DCS related queries
firstnameStringFirst name of the passenger
lastnameStringLast name of the passenger
ageNumberAge of the passenger
paxtitleTitleThe title of the passenger
paxwithinfantBooleanIs the passenger carrying infant
seatStringPassenger seat
sequencenumberStringThe sequence number
carrierclassStringThe carrier class
originStringThe origin code
destinationStringThe destination code
tailnumberStringThe tail number
statusStringPassenger check-in status
ffnumberNumberFrequent flyer number
phonenumberStringPassenger Phone number
emailE-mailPassenger E-mail
notesStringPassenger remarks (future use)
ssrsContainerThe container will hold PNR SSR's in several variables
ssrStringThe SSR name
allowancesContainerThe container will hold a single bag_kg variable
bag_kgNumberAllowed baggage weight (according to origin)
ancillariesContainerThe container will hold PNR ancillaries in several variables
ancillaryStringThe ancillary name
apisdataContainerAdvance API Information
nationalityStringISO code of the passenger
typeStringType of identification document
passportnameStringPassport holder name
docnumberStringnumber of document (passport or I.D)
passportissuerStringISO code of the passport issuer
passportexpiryDateDate of expiry
genderStringGender (M-Male, F-Female, C-Child)
dateofbirthDatePassenger date of birth
bookingrefStringThe PNR reference
eticketnumberNumberidentifier number of the passenger.
paxgenderStringGender (M-Male, F-Female, C-Child)
infantDetailsContainerDetails of the infant carried by the pax
firstnameStringInfant first name
lastnameStringInfant last name
dateofbirthDateInfant date of birth
docnumberStringInfant doc number
passportexpiryStringInfant doc passport expiry
countryStringInfant country
countryISOStringInfant country ISO
passportissuerStringInfant passport issuer