This method allows you to get all flights departing from an origin

Request parameters

originStringDestination code
startdateDate*From date
enddateDate*To date

  • Mandatory parameters

Response parameters

The method will response with a list of segments departing from the given origin.

flightsElementThe following elements are within which represents a flight within
flightElementThe following parameters are within flight
flightidNumberThe flight id
flightnumberStringThe flight number
flightdateDateThe flight date
flightequipmentStringAircraft used
tailnumberStringThe tail number
seat_plan_referenceStringtype of aircraft seat plan
opsremarksStringOperational remarks (future use)
flightlegsElementThe following elements are within which represents a leg within
legElementThe following parameters are within leg
originStringThe origin code
destinationStringThe destination code
STDTimeDeparture leg
STATimeArrival leg
daydiffnumberReturns 1 if flight lands on a different day.