Request parameters

triptypeString*Type of search (OW/RT)
fromcodeString*Departure Airport
tocodeString*Arrival airport
adultsNumber*Number of adults in upcoming PNR
childNumber*Number of children in upcoming PNR
flightid1Number*flightid of requested booking class
flightid2Numberflightid of requested booking class (for return flight)
couponcodeString*Code of coupon received by the airline

  • Mandatory parameters

Response parameters

successBooleanMarks to success or failure of the call
nameStringThe coupon code to be used for createBooking
itemtypeStringWhat type of service the coupon is applicable for.
notificationStringDetails about the coupon is submitted by the airline


Coupon amount

As the calculation is dynamic and is relied on the final booking - the final amount will appear only after using createBooking call.