This method will confirm a booking according to a booking id.

Request parameters

bookingidNumber*bookingid taken from createBooking
agentconfirmationString*Agent reference
remarksStringFree text (not mandatory)
passengerElement*Include the passenger details to update
firstnameString*First name of passenger
lastnameString*Last name of passenger
paxageStringAge of passenger – Mandatory only for children
paxnationailtyStringPassenger nationality (ISO country code)
paxdoctypeStringDocument type PP- Passport / ID-National ID
paxdocnumberStringDocument number
paxdocissuerStringDocument issuer (ISO country code)
paxdocexpiryDateDocument expiry (YYYY/MM/DD)
paxbirthdateDatePassenger birth date (YYYY/MM/DD)
paxvisanumberStringVisa number
paxvisaexpiryDateVisa expiry (YYYY/MM/DD)
paxphoneStringPassenger phone
paxemailE-mailPassenger e-mail
paxweightNumberPassenger weight
paxcarringinfantBooleanPassenger is caring an infant (1- true, 0- false) (mandatory in case booking has at least one infant)
confirmationemailE-mailConfirmation e-mail will be sent to this e-mail, please fill valid e-mail (not mandatory)
holdBookingBooleanA boolean parameter whether to allow booking hold for X minutes. (Values= true/false)
In order to check if you can use this option - please contact AeroCRS
sendemailBoolean1 - Send a web confirmation email to the customer, 0 - Will not send a web confirmation email to the customer
(If not set in the request, The default value is 1)

  • Mandatory parameters

Response parameters

bookingidNumberBooking ID used
bookingconfirmationStringBooking confirmation string
linktobookingLinkThe link to the booking in the airline website
pnrrefStringThe PNR ref (record locator)
topayMoneyAmount left to pay
currencyStringCurrency of payment
pnrptlDatePayment time limit in GMT time zone YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm
pnrttlDateTicketing time limit in GMT time zone YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm
statusStringOK – PNR is OK and approved