This method will give you the booking details according to the booking confirmation

Request parameters

bookingconfirmationString*as accepted from confirmBooking
PNR ref
passengerlastnameStringPassenger last name – MANDATORY if you are giving the PNR ref., otherwise OPTIONAL
generateBookingIdBooleanIf set to true - this will generate a bookingid (if none exists). This if or operational purposes.

  • Mandatory parameters


bookingElementInclude all the information regarding the booking
bookingidNumberBooking ID used
bookingconfirmationStringBooking confirmation string
linktobookingLinkThe link to the booking in the airline website
linktoticketLinkThe link for the booking confirmation (ticket)
pnrrefStringThe PNR ref (record locator)
ticketnumberNumberTicket number ID in AeroCRS system (if ticketed)
invoicenumberNumberInvoice number in airline (if ticketed)
statusStringOK – PNR is OK and approvedPN – PNR is in PENDING status and will be kept for 24 hours for manual approving with the airline
sourceStringThe source of the PNR - Website, Agent, Network etc.
flightsElementHolds all flights information in the booking, each flight is represented by a flight element
flightElementHolds the flight information in the booking
airlineStringAirline name
airlineDesignatorStringAirline 2 letter code in IATA (if exists)
airlineICAOcodeStringAirline 3 ICAO code (if exists)
fromStringFrom destination name
fromcodeStringFrom destination code
toStringTo destination name
tocodeStringTo destination code
classStringClass code (Brand name will be appended if applicable)
flightdateDateYYYY/MM/DD date of flight
departTimeHH:MM time of departure
arriveTimeHH:MM time of arrival
numberStringFlight number
invidNumberID of booked flight (used internal)
invpricingMoneyTotal pricing in USD for the flight
TaxesArrayArray with tax breakdown
servicesArrayArray of valid services for this fare
passengersElementHolds all passenger elements
passengerElementHolds the passenger information in the booking
paxtitleStringPassenger title
lastnameStringPassenger last name
firstnameStringPassenger first name
dobStringDate of birth in format YYYY-mm-dd
emailStringPassenger email
contactStringPassenger phone number
paxtypeStringPassenger type
nationalityStringNationality country code
paxdoctypeStringPP - Passport
ID - National ID
passportexpiryDateDate of passport/ID expiry
paxpassportnumStringPassport/ID number
paxpassportcountryStringPassport issuing country code
checkinElementList of flights and their check in status
remarksElementEach remark in the PNR will be represented in a element
remarkElementThe Element will include a single text element
textStringRemark text
vouchersElementEach voucher in the PNR will be represented in a element
voucherElementThe Element include information regarding to the voucher
agentconfirmationStringAgent reference as inserted in createBooking
vccreatedDateYYYY/MM/DD date time of the system when creating the voucher
vctotalMoneyPricing of voucher
BalanceinformationElementBalance DUE payment of this booking.
PNRtotalNumberTotal amount of the booking
PNRoutstandingpaymentNumberBalance DUE payment of this booking.
BalanceInCurrenciesElementBalance DUE payment of this booking in currencies, the same nodes as balanceInformation
flightcodeIntegerCode of flight
connectedpnrrefStringThe PNR ref (record locator) of original PNR - in case this is only a connected PNR. (Limited to extra services)
connectedbookingconfirmationStringThe booking confirmation of original PNR - in case this is only a connected PNR. (Limited to extra services)
boardingPassLinkLink to boarding pass
e-ticketsElementElement containing E-tickets (if applicable), the structure is:
flightnuber (key) - etkt number (value)