The method will allow you to receive the list of destinations served by AeroCRS airlines.

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will response with a list of destinations, including country and additional information.

countNumberNumber of results
fltidNumber / ArrayFlight ID. Array for connection flights
airlineDesignatorStringAirline Designator
airlineICAOcodeStringAirline 3 letter ICAO code
airlineNameStringAirline name
aircraftTypeStringAircraft model type (could be empty if not set)
aircraftTypeIataCodeStringAircraft model IATA code (could be empty if not set)
fltnumStringFlight number
fromcodeStringDestination FROM code
tocodeStringDestination TO code
viaStringIf this flight is via another destination. (Not a connection flight)
STDStringYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM departure time
STDinUTCStringYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM departure time in UTC
STAStringYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM arrival time
STAinUTCStringYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM arrival time in UTC
airlineLogoLinkLink to the airline logo
CompanyChildAgeStartNumberApplicable child start age according to airline rules
CompanyChildAgeEndNumberApplicable chid start end (inclusive) according to airline rules
companyINFchargeTAXBooleanAirline charge tax on infant
deeplinkLinkThe "deeplink" to the website itinerary page, you can redirect the customer to this page for continuation of his booking on the airline IBE
directionStringDirection of the flight (outbound/inbound)
websiteDiscountNumberPercentage of discount from RACK FARE below if booked on the website (0.95 for 5% discount)
classesArrayArray of class codes and their details
freeseatsNumberNumber of free seats for this class
currencyStringThe currency used in the fare
chargeTypeStringCharge type (e.g citizen, foreigner)
chargeTypeCodeStringIATA code for charge type
baggageAllowanceNumberBaggage weight allowed on the flight
baggageUnitStringWeight unit (e.g Kg)
fareElementDetails about the fare related to this class
rackFareElementDetails about the rack fare
adultFareMoneyFare for adult
childFareMoneyFare for child
infantFareMoneyFare for infant
taxMoneyTax rate
websiteDiscountMoneyDiscount for web bookings. If you are redirecting to company's website, you should multiply this number to the fare
flighttypetextTrip type(Direct / Connection)
numberOfLegsnumberNumber of legs for connection trip
flightsarrayWill appear on connections
servicesarrayAvailable options by the airline for this fare: Baggage on flight, etc.
classCodestringClass code
classNamestringClass name
cabinClassstringCabin class
cabinCodestringCabin code
minimumPassengersForBookingnumberMinimum passengers required for this flight
fareidnumberthe fareid to send to getFlight / createBooking
typestringThe fare brand type. For instance - Basic
rulesArrayArray of flight rules, length between 0 to 4
Please note that it is encoded. That means you will need to decode the HTML entities when showing this on your site.
notification (in classes)stringFare notification submitted by the airline.
Please note that it is encoded. That means you will need to decode the HTML entities when showing this on your site.

More understanding of chargetype usage can be found here: