This method will allow to add SSRs for specific booking

Request parameters

firstnameString*Passenger first name
lastnameString*Passenger last name
paxtitleString*Passenger title
codeString*SSR code (from getSSRs method)
bookingidNumber*Bookingid number
flightsElementIncludes the flightcodes (mandatory if applyToAllFlights is not defined)
flightidArrayArray of flight internal codes (mandatory if applyToAllFlights is not defined)
applyToAllFlightsBooleanTrue if SSR should apply to all flights in booking (default False)

  • Mandatory parameters


success key will be true of all SSRs that were sent returned a true result, False otherwise

ssrItemelementInclude the SSR item information as it was sent in request
successBooleanTrue if the SSR was added without errors, False otherwise