The method will return the flight seat map

Request parameters

originNumberThe destination code
flightidNumber*The flight id
companycodeStringThe airline designator
flightnumberStringThe flight number
flightdateDateThe flight date
fromcodeStringDeparture destination code
tocodeStringArrival destination code

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will response the seat map that defined for the flight.

seatmapElementThe element contain all the information regarding the seat map
rowElementContain all the seats in the row.
rownumberNumberThe row number in the map
seatsElementThe following elements are within which represents a seat within
seatElementThe following parameters are within seat
seatnameStringThe seat name
seattypeStringThe seat type
seatprefElementInclude the following atributes
attributesElementThis element is exist only in JSON format
windowBooleanIf the seat is next to a window
extralegroomBooleanif the seat has extra leg room
exitrowBooleanif the seat is in an exit row
rearfacingBooleanif the seat a rear facing one
blockedBooleanif the seat block from reserving
preferredseatingBooleanif the seat falls under preferred seating criteria
wheelchairBooleanif the seat suitable for a wheel chair
seatclassStringThe class name
seatpaxtokenUnique identiferPAX token to be used in DCS related queries
seatfromdestinationStringThe from destination code
seattodestinationStringThe to destination code