This method will supply the routing information for the requested flight

Request parameters

flightnumberString*Flight number
flightdateDateFlight Date

  • Mandatory parameters


flightcodeNumberFlight internal code
flightnumberStringFlight number
fromStringFlights first destination code
toDtringFlights last destination code
stdDatetimeDate and time of flight departure
staDatetimeDate and time of flight arrival
routeidNumberRoute internal code
equipmentStringA/C Registration Name
fromcodeStringRoute From destination code (first destination)
tocode1StringSecond destination code of the route
tocode2StringThird destination code of the route
tocode3StringFourth destination code of the route
tocode4StringFifth destination code of the route
tocode5StringSixth destination code of the route
tocode6StringSeventh destination code of the route
tocode7StringEighth destination code of the route
tocode8StringNinth destination code of the route
tocode9StringTenth destination code of the route
qty1NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 1
qty2NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 2
qty3NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 3
qty4NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 4
qty5NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 5
qty6NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 6
qty7NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 7
qty8NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 8
qty9NumberQuantity of passengers on leg 9
additionalCrewStringCrew information
fuelStringFuel information
remarkStringRemarks for flight
picStringPilot in command name
sicStringSecond in command name
fa1StringFlight attendant name
fa2StringFlight attendant name
fa3StringFlight attendant name
fa4StringFlight attendant name
tcStringTechnical aid name