This method will return the current seat fares for the selected flight

Request parameters

companycodeString*The airline designator
flightnumberString*The flight number requested
flightdateString*The flight date requested
fromcodeString*Departure destination IATA code
tocodeString*Arrival destination IATA code
The currency short code. This will force fares to be in this requested currency

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will response with a list of seat fares in the flight

seatmapfareElementThe element contain all the information regarding the seat map fares
actypeStringThe aircraft type
currencyStringThe currency used in the fares
classesElementThe element includes, Class codes and their details
cabinclassStringThe cabin class
paidSeatsElementThe element includes the seats details
rownumberStringThe row number
brandnameStringThe brand name
seatfareMoneyThe fare for the seats according the rownumber
seatsElementThe element includes the seat names and their details (F-Free, T-Taken)
freeSeatsElementThe element includes all the information for seats without fares