This method will confirm extras reservation according to a booking id.

Request parameters

bookingidNumber*The bookingid
pnrrefString*The PNR reference
companycodeString*The airline designator
firstnameStringThe customer first name
lastnameStringThe customer last name
confirmationemailE-mail*The customer email
flightsElement*An array of flights
flightnumberString*The flight number requested
flightdateDate*The flight date requested
passengersElement*Holds all passenger elements
typeString*The type of the passenger (ADT/CHD/INFANT)
firstnameString*The first name of the passenger
lastnameString*The last name of the passenger
seatString*The seat name
ancillariesStringInclude the itemid separated by comma

  • Mandatory parameters


Customer name not mandatory in case missed the api name will be in use


The method will response with a list of seat fares in the flight

flightsElementAn array of flights
flightnumberDateThe flight number requested
flightdateStringThe flight date requested
passengersElementHolds all passenger elements
typeStringThe title of the passenger
firstnameStringThe first name of the passenger
lastnameStringThe last name of the passenger
seatElementAn array of seats
ancillariesStringinclude the ancillary names, separated by comma
statusBooleanThe status of action
referenceStringThe PNR reference
bookingidNumberThe bookingid
bookingconfirmationStringBooking confirmation string
amountMoneyThe amount left to pay
currencyStringCurrency ISO code
pnrptlObjectYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM Payment time limit according to company settings