Pull available ancillaries according to Airline and flight data

Request parameters

companycodeString*The airline designator
flightsElement*An array of flights
flightnumberString*The flight number
flightdateDate*YYYY/MM/DD date of departure
fromcodeString*Departure destination code
tocodeString*Arrival destination code
classString*The class code
currencyString (Optional)The currency to get the results in

  • Mandatory parameters


ancillariesElementInclude all ancillaries
ancillaryElementInclude ancillary details
nameStringAncillary name
descriptionStringAncillary description
imageLinkLink to image
ssrcodeStringSSR code
itemsArrayList of ancillary items and their information
itemidNumberAncillary Number (to use on createAncillary method)
itemnameStringAncillary-item name
quantityforitemNumberThe factor of quantity taken from the total quantity allowed on the ancillary
fareNumberAncillary-item fare
tax1NumberAncillary-item tax
tax2NumberAncillary-item tax
tax3NumberAncillary-item tax
tax4NumberAncillary-item tax
vatNumberAncillary-item vat
currencyStringThe currency code
soldBeforeTicketBooleanShow if item is sold before ticket is issued
soldAfterTicketBooleanShow if item is sold after ticket is issued