This method will give you a list of passengers according to a flight number and date



You can search up to 10 flights at a time

Request parameters

shownonticketedBooleantrue/false (lowercase), will show the non ticketed bookings if set to true
flightnumberString*The flight number requested
flightdateDate*The flight date requested
generatetokensBooleanIf you would like to generate PAX tokens for the check-in system queries API
showcancelledBooleanIf you would like to see cancelled bookings in the call
showinfantsBooleanSend as true if you want to get infant data along with the adult data
showbaggagesBooleanSend as true if you want to get the pieces of baggage

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will response with all the information about the passengers in the requested flights.

flightElementThe following parameters are within flight (The element flight will be for each flight)
flightidNumberThe flight id
flightnumberStringFlight number requested
flightdateDateYYYY/MM/DD date of the flight
serviceloadNumberWill be displayed per flight
opsremarkStringFlight OPS remark
paxDetailsContainerAll the information regarding the passenger
firstnameStringFirst name of the passenger
lastnameStringLast name of the passenger
ageNumberAge of the passenger
paxtitleTitleThe title of the passenger
paxwithinfantBooleanIs the passenger carrying infant
paxcountryStringCountry of the passenger
paxcountryisoStringPassenger ISO country
fromdestinationStringDestination “from” code
todestinationStringDestination “To” code
pnrrefStringThe PNR reference
pnrstatusStringThe PNR status (OK/PN/RQ)
pnrnameStringPNR name
servicestatusStringService status (Active / Cancelled)
servicebookingdateDateYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM - Service booking date
servicechangedateDateYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM - Service last change date (if cancelled)
pnrbookingdateDateYYYY/MM/DD HH:MM - PNR booking date
agencynameStringAgency name (if the booking is from an agency)
agencycontactStringThe first contact in the agency
agencyphoneStringAgency phone number
agencycodeStringAgency code
agencyaccountingcodeStringAgency accounting code
classcodeStringClass code
paxtokenUnique identiferPAX token to be used in DCS related queries
paxunqStringIdentifier of the passenger
inboundflightStringFlight number of inbound flight
inboundflightoriginStringThe origin of the inbound flight
outboundflightStringFlight number of outbound flight
outboundflightdestinationStringThe destination of the outbound flight
accommodationfromStringAccommodation from name (if exist)
accommodationtoStringAccommodation to name (if exist)
remarksContainerThe container will hold PNR remarks in several variables
paxtypeStringThe title of the passenger
seatStringSeat name
sequencenumberStringCheck-in sequence number
tailnumberStringThe tail number
statusStringPassenger check-in status
ffnumberNumberFrequent flyer number
fflevelStringFrequent Flyer member degree level
fftotalawardedNumberAmount of awarded points of the frequent flyer member
fftotalstatusNumberAmount of status points of the frequent flyer member
fftotalbonusNumberAmount of bonus points of the frequent flyer member
phonenumberStringPassenger phone number
emailE-mailPassenger E-mail
eticketnumberNumberidentifier number of the passenger.
notesStringCheck-in sequence number
ssrsContainerThe container will hold PNR SSR's in several variables
ssrContainerThe SSR name
allowancesContainerThe container will hold a single bag_kg variable
bag_kgNumberAllowed baggage weight (according to origin)
baggagescheckinContainerThe container will hold all the baggages
baggageContainerThe container will hold the pieces of baggage
weightNumberThe weight
massunitStringThe mass unit
baggagetagStringThe baggage tag
cowBooleanCarry-on weight (true/false)
ancillariesContainerThe container will hold PNR ancillaries in several variables
ancillaryContainerThe ancillary name
apisdataContainerAdvance API Information
nationalityStringISO code of the passenger
typeStringType of identification document (PASSPORT as default)
passportnameStringPassport holder name
docnumberStringNumber of document (passport number, I.D. number)
passportissuerStringISO code of the passport issuer
passportexpiryDateDate of expiry
genderStringGender (M-Male, F-Female, C-Child)
dateofbirthDatePassenger date of birth
visanumberStringNumber of the visa
visaexpiryDateDate of passport/ID expiry
paxgenderStringGender (M-Male, F-Female, C-Child)
errorStringWill show incase the flight searched does not exist.
infantDetailsContainerAn object containing infant data that will be listed below
firstnameStringFirst name of infant
lastnameStringLast name of infant
dateofbirthDateInfant date of birth
docnumberStringInfant document number
passportexpiryDateInfant's doc expiry
countryStringSame as paxcountry
countryISOStringSame as paxcountryiso
passportissuerStringSame as passportissuer for passengers
weightNumberPassenger weight