This method will add an ancillary service to the reservation

Request parameters


Important notice

If you are using a Direct Contract - please use createAncillary before doing confirmBooking. If not you can use this API also after confirmBooking.

itemidNumber*Ancillary itemid (from getAncillaries method)
bookingidNumber*Bookingid number
flightidNumber*Flight internal code
paxnumNumber*Passenger number according to order. (Starts from 0)

  • Mandatory parameters


success key will be true of all SSRs that were sent returned a true result, False otherwise

AncillaryelementInclude the ancillary item information as it was sent in request
itemidNumberID of requested Ancillary
bookingidNumberAs requested
flightidNumberAs requested
successBooleanTrue if the ancillary was added without errors, False otherwise
invidNumberInternal number of requested ancillary