This method allows you to retrieve customers details by email address.



This method cannot retrieve customers' information from other airlines.

Request parameters

CustomersElement*The following elements are within which represents a within
CustomerElement*The Element hold the Email of the customer
emailE-mail*The customer email

  • Mandatory parameters


This method will respond with a list of customers, including personal details and additional information.

CustomersElementThe following elements are within which represents a Customer within
CustomerElementThe following parameters are within (The element Customer will be for each customer)
custemailE-mailCustomer E-mail
titleStringCustomer title
countryStringCountry of the customer
firstnameStringFirst name of the customer
lastnameStringLast name of the customer
phonenumberStringPhone number of the customer
mobileStringMobile number of the customer
faxStringFax number of the customer
birthdateDateYYYY/MM/DD date of customer birth date
address1StringCustomer address
address2StringCustomer additional address
zipcodeNumberCustomer zip code
cityStringCity of the customer
customercompanynameStringCompany of the customer (if applicable)
jobtitleStringJob title of the customer (if applicable)
companywebsiteStringcompany website of the customer (if applicable)
customerremarkStringRemark text
vatnumNumberVAT number of the customer
ffnumberNumberCustomer frequent flyer number
companyidNumberID of airline in AeroCRS systems
createddateDateYYYY/MM/DD date time of the system when creating the customer