The method will allow you to ticket a confirmed booking.

Request parameters

bookingidNumber*bookingid taken from createBooking
currencystringcurrency to be used in case of deposit payment with different currency than the default of the airline

  • Mandatory parameters


bookingidNumberBooking ID used
bookingconfirmationStringBooking confirmation string
pnrrefStringThe PNR ref (record locator)
ticketnumberStringTicket number ID in AeroCRS system
invoicenumberNumberInvoice number in airline
depositNumberNumber of remaining deposit (only valid for AeroCRS Network)
statusStringOK – PNR is OK and approved
passengersArrayAn array containing the passengers in the booking
titleStringTitle of passenger
firstnameStringFirst name of passenger
lastnameStringLast name of passenger
e-ticketStringThe e-ticket of the passenger, could be null