This request will give you a list of loads on flights according to the legs of each flight



Range of dates must be up to a week.

Request parameters

fromdateDate*Start date of flight requested
todateDate*End date of flight requested

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will response with all the information about the loads of flights according to the legs of each flight in the requested dates.

flightidNumberFlight internal code
flightnumberStringFlight number
actypeStringThe aircraft type
serviceloadnameStringService Load name
serviceloadqtyNumberThe service load quantity
rulesElementEach rule of a flight will be represented in a element, all rules per flight are represented within element
ruleStringFree text of flight specific rule
legsElementThe following elements are within which represents a leg within
legElementThe following parameters are within leg
legSTDTimeDeparture leg
legSTATimeArrival leg
fromStringDestination “from” code
toStringDestination “to” code
paxqtyNumberPassengers quantity of current leg
legRestrictNumberQuantity restrict of current leg