The method will allow you to get a list of flights over all the airlines which host their inventory on AeroCRS.



Flight information will be based on the number of passengers and availability to book, you will not receive flight information which does not match your query.


triptypeString*Type of request:
OW: One-way
RT: Return
fromcodeString*Destination code received from getDestinations
tocodeString*Destination code received from getDestinations
flightdate1Date*YYYY/MM/DD date of the departure flight
flightdate2DateYYYY/MM/DD date of the return flight (if requested)
adultsNumeric*Number of adults
childNumeric*Number of children
infantNumericNumber of infants
currencyStringCurrency Code ('USD' for example)
chargetypeStringThe iataCode chargetype

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will reply with the available flights on AeroCRS, note that some of the flights might not be "bookable" according to your agreement type.

airlineStringName of the airline
airlineidNumberID of airline in AeroCRS systems
airlinelogoLinkCountry name
childagefromNumberApplicable chid start age according to airline rules
childagetoNumberApplicable chid start end (inclusive) according to airline rules
chargetaxoninfantBooleanAirline charge tax on infant
fromStringName of destination of departure
toStringName of destination of arrival
fromcodeStringCode of destination of departure
tocodeStringCode of destination of arrival
directionStringDirection of the flight (outbound/inbound)
flightdateDateYYYY/MM/DD date of the flight
departTimeHH:MM 24hours time of departure
arriveTimeHH:MM 24hours time of arrival
numberStringFlight number
bookableBooleanIs the flight bookable with this username and password via the API
viaStringText if the flight is VIA or connecting at a specific location.
totalminutesNumberThe number of minutes of the flight.
linktowebsiteLinkThe "deeplink" to the website itinerary page, you can redirect the customer to this page for continuation of his booking on the airline IBE
CompanyWebDiscountNumberPercentage of discount from RACK FARE below if booked on the website.
ruleStringFree text of flight specific rule
flightcodeNumberFlight internal code
classesElementEach class of a flight will be represented in a
class element, all classes per flight are represented within classes element
classElementInclude all the class details
attributesElementattribute within class, include flightcode parameter
flightcodeStringFlight internal code (within class element)
classcodeStringClass code
classnameStringClass name
cabinclassStringCabin Class
flightidNumberFlight ID to be used in API for createBooking
rackfare_adultMoneyRack fare for adult (per passenger)
rackfare_childMoneyRack fare for child (per passenger)
rackfare_infantMoneyRack fare for infant (per passenger)
agtfare_adultMoneyAgent’s fare for adult (per passenger)
agtfare_childMoneyAgent’s fare for child (per passenger)
agtfare_infantMoneyAgent's fare for infant (per passenger)
taxMoneyTax for adult / child (per passenger)
rackfare_adult_no_vatMoneyRack fare for adult without VAT (per passenger)
rackfare_child_no_vatMoneyRack fare for child without VAT (per passenger)
rackfare_infant_no_vatMoneyRack fare for infant without VAT (per passenger)
agtfare_adult_no_vatMoneyAgent’s fare for adult without VAT (per passenger)
agtfare_child_no_vatMoneyAgent’s fare for child without VAT(per passenger)
agtfare_infant_no_vatMoneyAgent's fare for infant without VAT(per passenger)
tax_no_vatMoneyTax for adult / child without VAT (per passenger)
vat_on_fareNumberVAT percentage on fare
vat_on_taxNumberVAT percentage on TAX
currencyStringThe currency used in the fare (ISO-4217)
converttousdNumberThe conversion to USD from the local currency of displayed fare.
ttlDateTicketing time limit in GMT time zone YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM
baggageStringBaggage string number and mass unit
classshowonwebBooleanIs the class show on web
CompanyAllowDifClassBooleanIf the airline allows booking of two different classes for a RT booking