Full Booking Process

The API allows you to integrate a full booking process on the airline

This type of integration is required when if you want to implement the full booking flow of the customer, including payment and ticketing.


Distribution Rights

You will need to sign a distribution agreement in front of every airline and establish a business relationship with every airline. (another option is GO7 Network, where you can get many airlines and commission from us, Click here for more details about our Network)


API diagram

List of methods to implement

Here you will see the list of methods to implement in order to establish a full booking process connection to GO7 API

getAirlinesThe method will allow you to receive the list of airlines hosted by GO7
getDestinationsThe method will allow you to receive the list of destinations served by GO7 airlines.
getScheduleThis method will give you a list of served routes by airline
getFlightThe method will allow you to validate selling information about a specific flight
createBookingThis method will create a booking according to one or more flight id.
confirmBookingThis method will confirm a booking according to a booking id.
ticketBookingThe method will allow you to ticket a confirmed booking.
getBookingThis method will give you the booking details according to the booking confirmation
cancelBookingThe method will allow you to cancel a booking

Payment options

There are several options to pay the airline in this type of integration:

  • You come to an agreement with the airline about how you pay your fees, the airline will then "open" your account on the API (either by credit or deposit), which will allow you to ticket bookings according to the agreement with the airline (you collect the payment on your side).
  • If the airline accept payments in credit card using the API, you will be able to accept payment on behalf of the airline directly using the API, the payment will go directly to the airline account.
  • You and the airline establish a "trust" relationship, allowing you to create payment confirmation directly on the airline accounts (you collect the payment on your side).
Payment optionMethod to implement
You are going to pay according to airline agreement after the airline gave you a credit term or you have provided the airline with a deposit upfront.None, you can continue to ticketBooking
If the airline accept credit cards payments according to getAirlines then you can pay using a credit card.makePayment
This method will allow you to pay a booking using a valid credit card number and details.
If you have established a trust relationship with the airline, and the airline allows you to collect money on her behalf, the airline will give you a Payment Token to use and insert payment directly to it system.createPayment
This method will allow you to enter a payment to the booking.