Website Integration

Integrate GO7 booking widget on your website

This type of integration is for airlines or any affiliate of the airline which would like to integrate the booking engine search widget. Customers will be redirected to the airline IBE to complete the purchase.

Basic integration

In this type of integration, you will just need to place a piece of code on your home page, which will create the booking widget automatically.

When a customer books, they will see the GO7 IBE (internet booking engine) interface. GO7 is responsible for the PSP development and payment process.

The GO7 IBE template can be modified to about 90% of the extent of the images, colors, layout etc.

In this implementation, we recommend your website developer should send us HTML header and footer, so the IBE would fit your existing website design.


What's next?

Go over to our reference pages to see how to implement the booking widget.
Complete integration

Advanced Integration

Here is a list of methods to implement to your own website, should you want to implement additional features, the following methods requires GO7 to supply your airline with an API token in order to use them.

webLoginThe method will allow you to login a user directly to GO7 IBE from a form you can build on your website
getCompanyDestinationsThe method will give you a list of destinations served by the airline in question, so you can use them if you want to implement a search engine of your own.
getScheduleThis method will give you a list of served routes by airline, so you can create a rule based search with "green dates" on your own calendar.
Deep LinkingThis page is a description of the website template deep link when redirecting the customer from search engines.

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