GO7 Network

The API allows you to integrate a full booking process on the airline

GO7 Network allows you to sign one agreement with GO7 and then get the option to book many airlines at one call, without the need to sign an agreement with every airline individually.

With GO7 Network, you gain access immediately to many airlines, you also get commissions for bookings which you will do on the airlines.

Customers of you which book on GO7 Network, will be able to go to airline's website and manage their booking from the airline website's interface without the need to contact you for any clarifications etc.

You are also able to state if you would like the airline to be the one to send a ticket to the end-customer (without prices).

List of methods to implement

Here you will see the list of methods to implement in order to establish a full booking process connection to our Network

getAirlinesThe method will allow you to receive the list of airlines hosted by GO7
getDestinationsThe method will allow you to receive the list of destinations served by GO7 airlines.
getScheduleThis method will give you a list of served routes by airline
getFlightsThe method will allow you to get a list of flights over all the airlines which host their inventory on GO7
createBookingThis method will create a booking according to one or more flight IDs.
confirmBookingThis method will confirm a booking according to a booking id.
makePaymentThis method will allow you to pay a booking using a valid credit card number and details.
ticketBookingThe method will allow you to ticket a confirmed booking.
getBookingThis method will give you the booking details according to the booking confirmation
cancelBookingThe method will allow you to cancel a booking