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General Terms

  • AeroCRS API provides you with the option to communicate with AeroCRS system for information about AeroCRS hosted clients only, the information provided will be airline flights information only.
  • AeroCRS will not be held liable for any mistake or errors using the API, upon sign-up you will be required to sign a full contract and distribution contract.
  • The API requests are logged and kept in AeroCRS database for screening and statistics.
  • Integration types – There are 5 types how to book using the API.
  • Website Integration - Integrate AeroCRS booking widget on your website or advanced integration and develop your own search engine and redirect customer to airline website.
  • Availability and Fares - Get flights availability and fares and redirect customers to airline for booking
  • Full Booking Process - In such a case the API operator will sign an agreement with each airline, the airline will assign a credit limit or deposit for the API operator and he will be able to make bookings accordingly with the airline.
    • The airline will provide a credit limit / deposit settings for bookings.
    • Commission is to be agreed between service provider and API operator.
    • Booking fees are charged by AeroCRS
  • AeroCRS Network - A unique solution by AeroCRS to airlines hosted on AeroCRS
    • In such a case the API operator will sign an agreement in front of AeroCRS and he will be able to book all of AeroCRS Network applicable airlines.
    • Either a deposit of the required “Credit limit” must be provided to AeroCRS or the use of Credit card payments.
    • Payments to the airline will be in the responsibility of AeroCRS.
    • Commission payments will be in the responsibility of AeroCRS.

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General Terms

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