Going Live

In order to go live, you must finish development and pass the UAT and have the airline enable you.


UAT is a minimum requirement to move to "LIVE", At the first phase, your API is defined as a “test” API and you can only see and book test airlines in the system, once you are ready to move to “live” you will need to provide to [email protected] with proof you have made 3 test bookings (all of them should be ticketed).
Once approved, you will be “moved” to production using the same API key and Token you have, you may request a new token for production should you require such.

  • The test airline is “northair"
  • Bookable trip is “BCN-MAD”

Distribution Rights

The airline must give you rights to use their data and do bookings, you will need the airline to activate your API connection to your “agency” account at the airline. send this article: https://aerocrs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204893439-Activating-LDS-API-client to your airline representative with your “API Entity” name.


UAT - User Acceptance TestingPlease make sure you provide a UAT according to the above.
For "Booking process" implementationsAn airline must give you distribution rights