Both parameters are mandatory

Request parameters

flightnumberString*Number of flight
flightdateDate*Date of flight

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will response with all the information about the loads of flights according to the legs of each flight in the requested dates.

flightnumberStringFlight number
actypeStringThe aircraft type
serviceloadqtyNumberThe service load quantity
rulesElementEach rule of a flight will be represented in a element, all rules per flight are represented within element
legsElementThe following elements are within which represents a leg within
legElementThe following parameters are within leg
legSTDTimeDeparture leg
legSTATimeArrival leg
fromStringDestination “from” code
toStringDestination “to” code
classesElementThe following elements are within which represents a leg within
classElementThe following parameters are within leg
classcodeStringClass Code
paxqtyNumbernumber of passengers
genderqtyElementElement containing the passenger' gender breakdown
MaleNumberNumber of male passengers
FemaleNumberNumber of female passengers
ChildNumberNumber of children
InfantNumberNumber of infants
totalpaxqtyNumberTotal number of passengers on the flight
totalgenderqtyElementElement containing the passenger' gender breakdown, the same as for each leg
cabinsElementThe following parameters are within cabins
nameStringCabin name
codeStringCabin code
iatacodeStringIATA code
qtyNumberCabin quantity
childqtyNumberMax children
infqtyNumberMax infants