This method will create a booking according to one or more flight id.



Creating a booking must be actioned on one airline each time, if you wish to book from 2 different airlines, you will need to run createBooking separtly for each airline.

Request parameters

triptypeString*Type of request:
OW: One-way
RT: Return
adultsNumber*Number of adults
childNumber*Number of children
infantNumberNumber of infants (not mandatory)
bookflightElement*Include the flight details
fromcodeString*Origin code from getDestinations
tocodeString*Destination code from getDestinations
flightidNumber*flightid received from getFlights
currencyString (Optional)Requested currency ISO (Example - USD)
chargetypeString*The iataCode chargetype

  • Mandatory parameters


The method will response with all the details and a booking ID which you can use in other methods in AeroCRS API.

bookingElementThe booking information, Holds items element
itemsElementHolds several other elements e.g. flight, hotel etc.
flightElementHolds the following elements:
airlineStringName of airline
airlineidNumberID of airline in AeroCRS systems
fromStringName of destination of departure
toStringName of destination of arrival
flightdateDateYYYY/MM/DD date of the flight
departTimeHH:MM 24hours time of departure
arriveTimeHH:MM 24hours time of arrival
numberStringFlight number
classStringClass code
invidNumberID of booked flight (internal use)
invpricingMoneyTotal charged in the currency for the flight
AdultfareMoneyAdult RACK fare (per 1 adult)
ChildfareMoneyChild RACK fare (per 1 child)
InfantfareMoneyInfant RACK fare (per 1 infant)
taxMoneyTotal TAX
net_fareMoneyTotal NET fare (charged)
rack_fareMoneyTotal rack fare
totaltaxMoneyTotal TAX for flight
currencyStringThe currency used in the fare (ISO-4217)
converttousdNumberThe conversion rate to USD as defined by the airline.
termsStringRelated terms of the fare / booking class.
adultsNumberNumber of adults booked
childNumberNumber of children booked
infantNumberNumber of infants booked
totalpriceMoneyTotal amount for all booking
bookingidNumberBooking ID to be used in the confirmBooking API
pnrrefStringPNR Reference (Record locator) to show customer
pnrptlDatePayment time limit in GMT time zone YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM
pnrttlDateTicketing time limit in GMT time zone YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM
infaspaxBooleanIn case the airline defined infant as passenger