Recent Changes

Due to the move to facilitate codes which are non-iata airport codes, we have changed a few API calls recently to better support the feature.

  • IATA codes - we show the standard IATA codes in the getSchedule for regular IATA airstrips, 3 letter codes.
  • Non-IATA codes - we show a "4 letter code" which ends with zero, for example "FIN0" for a specific air-strip that does not have an IATA code, yet it is shared by different airlines.
  • Non-Iata codes, which are specific to one airline - In this case, you will get a code that is specific for the airline (between 4-10 chars long) - this is applicable only for airline specific integrations.

The changes above have been deployed on all endpoints which are related to destination codes (either input or output).
For API implementors which have worked with IATA codes, there are no changes needed.
We advise you to call getSchedule / getDestinations again in order to receive latest information according to the new format.